SAFE BAG Insurance Policies

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SAFE BAG Insurance Policies

SAFE BAG Insurance Policies
Extract of coverages and the general conditions of the same:

Baggage: suitcases, bags, backpacks, boxes or any container treated with the SAFE BAG.
Start and finish of coverage: from the moment that the baggage has been handled with the SAFE BAG and carried out operations «Check in» / billing until his retirement at the airport of destination.
Compensation: The amount that the company compensate the beneficiary in the event of total or partial loss of baggage, theft or damage to it.

The sums insured are:

Total loss in domestic or international flights up to a maximum of 3.000 €

Damage to baggage up to a maximum of 1.200 €

This coverage is subject to the following conditions:

The airline has paid compensation to the beneficiary for any damage or loss to checked baggage.

The compensation will take place in excess of the amount payable by the Aviation Company and the limits specified above.

If the compensation made by the Company. Air is over these limits will not match any compensation from this contract.

The traveler is entitled to compensation for one unit of luggage and travel.

The compensation is not made according to market value or condition of property damaged or lost but based on the above terms.

Instructions in case of loss or damage to Checked Baggage:

1 .- Prior to leaving the baggage claim area inside the airport of destination, the Beneficiary must be directed to the counter of the airline to complete the PIR form (Part of the Baggage Irregularity), which must state that the lost or damaged baggage has been treated with the SAFE BAG.

2 .- Once the PIR form, the passenger must make the complaint in the airline, which prompted the first compensation in case of damage or loss of luggage.

3 .- After the complaint to the airline, the passenger should immediately report the loss or damage to baggage SAFE BAG through any means available in this document (phone, fax, e-mail, website, mail ) and not later than seven days after their arrival at the destination airport for partial loss or damage to luggage and two years for missing or lost it. If the beneficiary does not claim to the airline and / or does not alert the SAFE BAG SPAIN SA, in the time period, SPAIN BAG SAFE and / or ROYAL & SUN ALLIANCE PLC INSUTRANCE SPAIN BRANCH shall not be liable to pay any compensation.

4 .- The payment of compensation shall be subject to the delivery of the following documents:

Ticket purchase contract evidencing the SAFE BAG SPAIN.
Baggage Identification Code issued by SAFE BAG SPAIN.
Original or copy of airline ticket or boarding pass (Boarding Pass).
Written statement to the carrier detailing the loss or damage to luggage during transport in liner (printed PIR).
Original receipt of payment of appropriate compensation by the airline.

In the absence of any of the foregoing documents, the passenger will lose your right to claim compensation under this policy.

5 .- The packaging such as trunks, suitcases, hat boxes, etc., Containing the goods insured were covered only damage caused by force majeure and total loss.

6 .- It is expressly excluded luggage and packages containing money, bank notes, bonds or securities, musical instruments, golf clubs, surfboards, diving equipment, parachuting, skiing and / or similar.

7 .- This is not including compensation for lost or damaged baggage, baggage declared and not delivered to the airline and in those cases where the Airline does not recognize, for whatever reason, self-responsibility.

8 .- They are also excluded costs incurred for purchases of essential goods, stay in place and / or any other expense or inconvenience resulting from loss or damage to baggage.

9 .- If the property insured to be covered by other insurance policies this policy into operation only after them the other and in excess thereof up to the limits set therein.

10 .- If once appeared the baggage lost, damaged appreciate it, the Recipient must apply to the airline a new form PIR and notify SPAIN BAG SAFE to opening a new claim.

11 .- The insurer is not obliged to pay compensation under this policy if the beneficiary makes a false statement, especially in case of accident or if used as proof of his claim fraudulent means or false documents.